How many Catalytic Converters should I put in my LOT? - Part B

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How many Catalytic Converters should I put in my LOT? - Part B

Is there an optimum number of Catalytic Converters that I should put in each of my Boxes and LOTs? Is there a minimum? A maximum?

When you get above 1,000 Units per LOT, especially at the high prices that we are seeing today, this limits the number of Buyers who are able to purchase your material.

We have seen many small to mid-level Buyers have success on our site because they have operations with very little overhead, which means they can pay MORE for your Units. However, they may have cash-flow limitations, so splitting your LOTs up into 3-5 box loads gives you the advantage of receiving higher Bids.

It is not uncommon to see a Seller sell 500 Units to Buyer 1, 500 Units to Buyer 2, and then 1,000 Units to Buyer 3.

We have also seen situations where Buyers want specific Units and are willing to pay a premium for these Units. They may choose to pay a premium for 400 Units, in order to get the Units they want, but they are unlikely to pay a premium for 2,000 Units.


The one thing that I would add to this answer is that if you are a NEW Seller, you should start with smaller LOTs.

Most Buyers are willing to gamble a little bit on 1 to 3 boxes. They will get a little more conservative on larger LOTs from an unknown Seller.

Once they get to know your Units, they will feel more comfortable bidding on a larger LOT.

If I am selling 2,000 Units, won’t I get a better price if I am selling them all together? Won’t the Buyer save on shipping costs and pay a higher price?

Buyers will see the zip code of where the LOTs are originating and if they see 3 or 4 LOTs with the same zip code closing on the same day, they will know these are all coming from the same yard and bid appropriately. Some may even make it a condition of the sale that their price is only good if they get 2 of the 3 LOTs.

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